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How to Make Money Printing t shirts
Young artists and designers often test their skills by creating custom t shirts. Low overhead costs, simple printing processes and the constant demand makes this hobby an attractive side business. You will need to find regular customers if you want to turn T-shirts printing into a full-time business. In order to attract individuals and businesses to your T-shirts printing business, your business must offer affordable prices and unique custom features.

Start your T-shirts printing business by creating an online store for your wares. Cafe Press is the most prominent online marketplace for custom mugs and other crafts made by individuals nationwide. Your Cafe Press store should feature samples of your t shirts and a description of your capabilities as a designer.
Promote your T-shirts design skills through social networking websites. Create a group that features photos of your t shirts, a price list and contact information for interested customers. Use Twitter to highlight web links, photos and blog posts about your t shirts on the Internet.
Hands can make for some cool designs, especially when painted on a T-shirts. You can paint hand prints on t shirts by simply recalling the days of finger paints and remember your willingness to get a little messy. By using your hands, fabric paint you can create your own unique shirts. Here’s how.

Wash and dry the T-shirts to ensure it will not shrink once painted and ruin your artwork. Stretch flat by pulling it over a board so the fabric is taut.
Combine recycling with handmade country style by crafting a rag rug made out of old t shirts. Begin by creating easy-to-use t-shirts yarn and then using it to make a soft, decorative rug. Wash the t shirts you intend to use to create the rug first. This will not only make them clean, but test for colorfastness. You do not want to use t shirts with colors that bleed for the rug project. You can get inovative ideas about tshirt printing by visiting this website http://www.teejunction.com.au/ .
Lay the t-shirts out flat with the bottom facing you. Use the scissors to cut off the hem at the bottom and discard it. Then, cut into the bottom of the t-shirts and make a strip approximately one inch wide. Continue cutting this strip all the way around the t-shirts at an angle as if you were making a spiral up the t-shirts. You want a continuous strip from hem up to the armpits of the t-shirts.
Style is a personal matter, and some people prize their t shirts above everything else in their wardrobes. While cotton or cotton-blend shirtss are easy to wash, preserving their new look can be tricky. For best results, start as soon as you get the shirts. Learn how to keep those team, vacation souvenir or concert t shirts clean and looking as good as the day you bought them.

Make three piles of t shirts, starting with your best or most delicate shirtss. Include designer shirtss and those decorated with rhinestones, sequins or embroidery. This is the good pile.
Place your ordinary t shirts in another pile, including everything from colors to prints and undershirts to pocket tees. This is the bad pile.